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Our Values

  • We believe in doing what is ethical and what is right for each individual patient
  • All of our providers have a background in music and acoustics. Because we believe that if you do not understand acoustics, you will never be able to amplify it correctly.
  • We believe that quality does not have to be sacrificed for price...
  • We believe that every person should be able to hear, if they choose to
  • We believe in a high level of education and knowledge given from Audiologists, Hearing Instrument Specialists and Speech Language Pathologists.  All of our providers have a Doctorate or Master's level education
  • We are technology driven and are on top of the latest industry trends (but we also provider lower level technology for those people who are not "tech savvy")
  • We are the first and the only practice in Charlotte & Monroe that provides a hearing aid financing program (monthly payments)
  • We honor price matching with competitors (some exclusions may apply). 
  • We work with every program available to allow finances not to be the reason our patients cannot get hearing aids.
  • Each therapy session is designed around each child's unique individual strengths and weaknesses. Therapy will be completed in a fun-filled and loving environment.
  • We believe that education is key. We strive to educate our patients and families regarding diagnosis and treatment.