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We accept Medicaid & most insurances!

Low Cost Hearing Aids at a High Quality

Why settle for big box retailers who promise low price hearing aids and lack the experience in how to program the hearing aids... which will just leave you frustrated and searching somewhere else for answers to your hearing health needs. Don't get "nickled and dimed" by these big box retailers who limit your office visits, charge for adjustments, charge for batteries, charge for cleanings, charge for hearing tests and require you to go to an additional MD (often times paying a copay or deductible) for wax removal before you are tested and/or fit with hearing aids. They lack the background knowledge in audiology, speech science, acoustics and how to amplify sound correctly to fit each individual based on their hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

We are the first and only practice in Charlotte or Monroe that provides a financing program!

Hearing CARE Program

All of our hearing aids come with our Hearing CARE program. This includes:

  • FREE annual hearing tests
  • FREE and unlimited ┬áhearing aid adjustments and programming
  • FREE ear wax removal
  • FREE in house minor repairs
  • FREE clean and checks of the hearing aids (includes tubing and filter changes)
  • FREE hearing aids batteries *time frames will vary depending on the hearing aid purchased
  • Ongoing instruction on hearing aid usage