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About Our Camp Program

Our camps program is a unique program that we have set to combine classroom instruction, fun, and speech and language remediation.

It is often easier to teach a child speech and language skills in a small group setting. An example of this occurs with basic age appropriate social interactions such as sharing and learning to stick up for oneself. Children learn constantly throughout the day, during camps children will have the opportunity to interact with a small group of children while developing speech and language skills.

During camps, we strive to keep our groups very small (no more than 4 children), and there will be at least 2 adults (one of which is an SLP). During certain camps we do have the honor to host speech therapy undergraduate and/or graduate schools from in and around our area.

During camp, we attempt to simulate that of a typical preschool experience. We have a schedule of events that include outdoor activities, circle time, book reading, music activity, movement activity, snack and centers. Older classes also follow an elementary/middle school schedule that include meet and greet/ social conversation, technology, literacy, arts and crafts, snack, outdoor/active play. 

At Py Hearing & Communication Center we have a strong foundation in music and movement. Danielle Py is not only a Speech Therapist, but also a Music Therapist. She often will use music to teach speech and language goals.