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The Facts About SLP

What is an SLP?

SLP is short for Speech Language Pathologist.

We are "Communication Specialists"

Communication involves any form of interaction between people. The most obvious form of communication is spoken or written language, but people communicate in many different ways. The direction you are facing, eye contact, tone of voice, and gestures can all change the meaning of your communication. Speech therapists work with others to achieve greater success with communication. The most common forms of therapy include:

  • help articulate certain sounds more clearly
  • help find and arrange words in a way to communicate their thoughts into words
  • help comprehend what other people are trying to say

Education and Training

Communication is complex. SLPs are trained on the anatomy and physiology of the vocal mechanisms and articulators as well as the very intricate theories of development and therapy for: language, stuttering, voice, swallowing, cognitive disorders, traumatic brain injury and more. Your average certified SLP is required to have at least years of higher education including a master’s degree, pass the very challenging national certification exam, and complete a clinical fellowship before they are deemed MS CCC-SLP.